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How to Wear Stripes and Polka Dots How to Wear Stripes and Polka Dots How to Wear Stripes and Polka Dots How to Wear Stripes and Polka Dots
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Top - H&M (similar) | Necklace - (similar) | Jeans - DKNY
Shoes - Target | Purse - Michael Kors

This outfit has been on repeat the past few weekends.  Pretty much since I bought these jeans I've worn them every day during the weekends.  So you'll be seeing a lot of them, I'm sure :)  I'm keeping this short today due to a self-induced sugar coma.  I hope everyone had a great Easter!  And I apologize now for the cuteness overload that will be displayed with tomorrow's Easter pics :)

Thank you so much for all of you that voted for your favorite JewelIQ necklace that you think I should purchase.  The votes were spread out between the three necklaces below.  I was really hoping there would be one clear winner but that would just be too easy for this indecisive gal.  Also, I'm a little disappointed noone liked the floral necklace.  Is it not cute?  I better not quit my day job anytime soon because I might be losing my eye for style :)

 I will keep you posted on the final winner!

JewelIQ Favorites
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Egg-stra Fancy!

Unique Egg Decorating Ideas1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

This is a sneak peak into what we will be doing this weekend.  There are so many fun and unique ways to decorate eggs these days, I had no idea! What did we do before Pinterest again?!  Not going to lie, love the fact that most of these do not include die {which would be all over my house in less than 2.3 seconds with my son involved}.  Hope you all have an egg-stra special Easter!  Full of glittered polka dots, pantone colors and chalkboard eggs  :)

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FFL - Statement Earrings

J.Crew Cabochon Earring Knock Off
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If you missed out on the gorgeous Cabochon statement earring from J.Crew have no fear!  JewelIQ came out with a gorgeous look alike that is just as amazing!  I am definitely picking these up... along with one of their statement necklaces.  But I need help deciding {you should know this about me already}.  Help me decide and vote for your favorite necklace below!  It's like shopping with a bestie :) Thanks for your help!

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Striped Skirt

Old Navy Striped Skirt Old Navy Striped Skirt Old Navy Striped Skirt Old Navy Striped Skirt Old Navy Striped Skirt

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I had been dying to own a black and white striped skirt for the longest time.  Pretty much since I saw it styled on Lauren and Kendi.  I waited too long to get the Madewell one that they sported {story of my life!} so I tried a few at Forever 21 and Target.  The fabric was a paper-thin knit and mix that with stripes and bodycon and it's just not a good combo.  But finally I found the perfect skirt at Old Navy!  It is thick {sucks you in!} while still being light enough for spring and summer.  Gotta love when that happens.  Unfortunately, these legs aren't ready to see daylight yet so boots it is.  Not going to lie, I'm getting awfully jealous of all you Southerners with your spring clothes and sandals in full rotation.  And green grass {even flowers!} in the background of your pictures.  I forget what that's like, really. It's not amnesia, it's just really been that long.  I need to get my positive britches on because it will get nice.  And soon.  Mark my words!

Happy hump day ya'll!
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Easter is here!

Toddler Boy Easter Outfit
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And the cutest fox basket ever is from Target :)

Oh my I can't believe it is almost that time of year!  Easter time! Not to be confused with hammer time.  But darn close.  I don't know about you guys, but Easter snuck up on me this year.  It seriously snowed 4 inches yesterday so I'm definitely not thinking easter egg hunts and pastel dresses.  That is, without tights.  They keep saying that this March has been so much colder than last March and la de da... but I just want to know when we are going to get some sun. Period.  These legs could hurt an eye or two.  In more ways than one.

On to less depressing news...  I have Q's Easter outfit all picked out and I still have 5 days left before Easter!  This is a small huge victory as I am usually scrambling and shopping for his outfit the night before a big event or holiday.  Luckily when I found this adorable seersucker vest at Target I knew it would be part of his Easter ensemble.  And the rest he already had in his closet!  Except that fox Easter basket which I literally almost died when I saw... If you've read this blog for awhile you know why {evidence of a creepy fox love here and here}.

Next, I just have to figure out what I'm going to wear.  Eh, I have 5 days to figure that out.  Friday seems like a good day to scramble.
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Black and White

Black and White

I brought this trend up last week {and again} and though I am not sure how crazy unique this trend is, I still think black and white pieces are very classy and modern.  I have been having a hard time wearing this trend lately because in the Spring I love to wear bright colors and pastels.  But I think I do need to add to my black and white collection.  I mean, it never really goes out of style! At least I thought...  Anyway, in order to figure out what items I might want to purchase this month, I decided to put together a few black and white items that I could see myself wearing.  With neon and and pops of color of course :)  

And can I just say... that bag needs to be mine... it reminds me of the J.Crew Tartine Satchel that I've been lusting over {without the heavy pricetag!}. 

And I'm still kicking myself for not picking up this beauty from Target.  It might still be available in stores but I couldn't find it online.  All I could find was this phone pic!

 By the looks of this post, sounds like I am leaning towards a black and white bag!  When really that is the last thing I need after purchasing my first MK bag recently.  But if I'm being honest, I don't need any of this :)

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your day is everything but black and white!

P.s. Sorry if you all saw this post a little unfinished.  For some reason it posted a little early! Darn blogger...
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Thoughts on Trends

How To Wear Bright Colors How To Wear Bright Colors How To Wear Bright Colors How To Wear Bright Colors How To Wear Bright Colors How To Wear Bright Colors
Jeans - DKNY | Cardi - J.Crew Factory | Tank - Zara | Shoes - JC Penney {old - similar
Necklace - Premier Designs {similar} | Purse - Target

First off, I want to give a big old HOLLA! to all of my fellow Here & Now readers that are visiting Everything but Ordinary today.  Thanks so much for stopping by and checking this little space out! Hope you stick around because things are getting pretty wild and colorful this Spring!

I feel like I am finally comfortable mixing patterns and bright colors together.  I knew the day would come.  I mean, how hard could it be when there really aren't any rules when it comes to pattern mixing anymore?  Everything is a possibility these days.  Obviously, harder than it seems.  Fashion designers are even having a hard time coming up with unique trends.  I mean, since when are lace, stripes, and black & white fabrics brand new trends?  I wasn't informed that these trends ever left! But they are all the rage, and I am down with it.  Now I can wear my lace dress and black and white striped tee from 4 years ago without worry that I am untrendy ;) Crisis averted!

I hope you guys have a great weekend full of bright colors and Spring weather!  I may wear bright colors but we definitely won't have Spring weather.  We are expecting snow.  What the heck.  So, if you could spare a stray ray or two, send those sun rays our way.  Thanks a mill :)  See ya back here Monday!

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What happens in Vegas...

Vegas Trip Collage Vegas Trip Collage Vegas Trip Collage Vegas Trip Collage

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So, I have a lot of pictures from Vegas... that should shock noone.  Just thought I would share some of my favorites memories from the trip which include fun times with friends, lots of great food, sunshine and amazing hotels.  That pretty much sums up Vegas for ya.  Oh and lots of food and catering classes.  But I won't bore you with those pictures.  Even though I will take a second to brag about getting to meet David Tutera and listen to Colin Cowie and Scott Conant speak.  Swoon on all accounts.  I'm glad to be back but really wish that hot sun would have followed me...

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Neon lace and a new bff

Work Outfit, Pop or pink Work Outfit, Pop or pink Work Outfit, Pop or pink Work Outfit, Pop or pink Work Outfit, Pop or pink Work Outfit, Pop or pink
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I'm linking up with Marion's Trend of the Month again and this month's trend was lace!  Woot!  I was more excited with the lace trend than the black and white trend, can you tell?  I just love color too much.  Hence why I have a neon lace skirt!  Which is $8 at Target by the way.  I suggest you all don't walk but run to get this skirt.  Or just follow the link above because I'm guessing you all have a Target Redcard {duh} and get free shipping on $8 purchases.  Target Redcards and free shipping are the bomb. 

Anywaaaay, I forgot to mention in Monday's post that I came back from Vegas with a new love.  Her name is MK Saffiano Pink Tote and she is GORG.  I had been looking for a good leather tote and while tempted by this little lovely from Madewell, I decided to spurge for a not-as-versatile pink tote.  Best or worst decision ever.  But whatever,  I'm smitten. And she hasn't left my side all week.  Girl's best friend.  Not to be confused with man's best friend. 

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