Randoms from the Week

I wish I could say these randoms were highs from this week... but unfortunately it's just been one of those weeks. Definitely a big high five for Friday!
The Bachlelor Sean's Season
For those of you that follow my Bachelor rants and raves here on the blog, I feel like moron!  In my last post about the Bachelor, I totally thought this week's episode was going to be the finale.  And I was totally predicting who would win and la de da.  Well... we still have two weeks left! Ha! So since I didn't feel like this episode warranted a full post about it I will just give you a few of my favorite moments... I am so glad that AshLee was pissed rather than devastated when she got sent home.  Even though, I'm sure she really was devastated inside.  But she didn't show it as much as I thought she would.  I know I would be pissed if I were one of the girls in the final episodes.  Couldn't Sean give her an inkling or sign that things aren't progressing or even let her know he's having reservations about  their relationship?  I don't know... I just feel like a slap in the face break up is never the best way to end things.

Mom and Son Photos
Quinlan has been sick this week with the stomach flu.  I always thought that when I became a Mother I wouldn't be able to take care of my child when they would get sick because I would end up getting sick right there on the spot with them.  Well my motherly instincts kicked in, just like they're supposed to, and somehow I went into caretaker/survivor mode.  I guess it's just one of the million things that doesn't phase you when its your child.  Even though Q has been sick, we have still had lots of fun hanging out all day together.  And lots of cuddlling. I mean it is the cure for most illnesses.

I don't know where he learned the words cheese and wine... Definitely not from me...

I did teach him his ABCs though.  More like his ABCDEFGs {and repeat}.

I got a text and email from Target informing me that they have a promotion for 20% off $75 worth of clothing, shoes and accessories.  Really.  They are killing me... 

And the best part of the week... reaching 100 followers!  Thanks so much for all of you that follow along! I appreciate every one of you and the comments that you leave.  You guys are awesome!!  And I will be doing a giveaway for you all on Monday as a THANK YOU for being amazing :)

Sorry for all the randoms today...  It's just what's been going on.  That and cuddling.  Hope you all get your cuddle time in this weekend :)

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A Winter Staple

Neon Aztec Sweater Neon Aztec Sweater Neon Aztec Sweater Neon Aztec Sweater 
Shop the Look:

I've only purchased one thing from Asos {prior to this sweater} and it was just a bracelet.  I loved it and the price was right but I haven't seen anything on their site since then that I just had to have.  Until this sweater came along... I love LOVE love comfy sweaters that are long enough to wear with just leggings.  And with a hint of aztec and neon? I'm sold!  So when an Asos sale came along I jumped on this purchase.  I am so glad I did because it is a great quality sweater, is super warm and comfortable to boot.  I'm sure you guys have those must-have, comfy, winter staples too... so share! I'd love to hear what your favorite winter staple is :)


Q's Spring Haul

When at the Mall of America this weekend, I decided to get Q's spring and summer clothes while the kids section sales were out of this world!  H&M obviously has really cute boy clothes that you just can't find anywhere else.  But our tried and true store for Q's wardrobe is Gap {and Gap Outlet!}.  Right now Gap is having their baby and kids sale and while it's pretty good online, it is amazing in-store!  If you spend over $125 you get 40% off your purchase.  I also had a coupon for 10% off which was awesome!  Above are some of my favorites from our haul.  I think I might pick up a few more staples {tees!} while the sale is still going.  For those of you that have kids, specifically boys, what are your favorite places for their clothes???


Pattern Mixing Remix

Mixing Floral and Striped Patterns Mixing Floral and Striped Patterns Mixing Floral and Striped Patterns
Shirt - Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt - Banana Republic Factory | Tights - Kohls
Shoes - Urban Outfitters | Necklace & Earrings - Premier Designs

This is probably one of my favorite remixed outfits from the Workwear Remix Challenge I started three weeks ago.  I have always loved mixing prints like polka dots and stripes or florals. But for some reason I never would have paired this striped skirt with this floral shirt if I weren't forced to wear them together.  Forced meaning I didn't have any other clothing options left!  I still have this week left to find outfit ideas so you might be seeing some strange pairings up on my IG account.  I think this skirt is going to get a lot of use this spring.  Now that I have seen it's pattern mixing potential :)

Get your very own pattern mixing skirt: 

Bachelor Thoughts 4

I can't believe the finale is already next week... this season went by super fast!  Probably because there really wasn't as much drama as previous seasons.  Yeah, Tierra was all drama. But really, it was so fake and ridiculous that it kind of didn't live up to the expectations the previews led on to.  As is tradition.  That didn't keep me from watching or ranting about the episode :)

I am really excited that AshLee, Catherine and Lindsey are left.  For being a down to earth, southern guy I think he chose the best girls for him as the final three.  All three of the girls are really sweet and fun and there for the right reasons.  But, I have my favorites of course...

AshLee.  She is my favorite by far.  I think she is genuine and totally ready for a relationship.  Her family is very sweet and I think Sean fit in well.  BUT... I am concerned that Sean is looking for someone maybe a little more light-hearted.  And that is why I think he might pick Lindsey in the end.  And if he does, AshLee will be CRUSHED.  Like devastated.  She is so head over heels for him and I just hope she doesn't get her heart broken :(

Lindsey.  I like Lindsey.  But she kind of annoys me.  She seems very young and playful and I think Sean really likes that about her.  But I just think she almost seems too young.  Maybe it's her baby voice or the fact that she actually is young.  I do think Sean likes the playfulness and spontaneity that she has.  They seem to always have fun together but is it serious enough to last?  I guess that is the million dollar question.

Catherine.  Though I like Catherine, I think she is the next to go home.  I mean they couldn't have made it any more obvious since Sean was debating SO heavily on whether to send her or Des home.  I mean if Catherine were the one I don't think it would have been that hard or a decision.  I don't think their relationship is serious enough for Sean.  Though he likes to have fun, I think he has a serious side that Catherine doesn't fit well with.  

Des.  Woah. Was that really the fairytale family that she cried about on the beach the previous episode?  I mean come on how rude could a brother be?!  I couldn't believe he would say those things without even knowing Sean really.  And even if you don't agree with the show's intentions, have some respect for your sister.  She is a grown women... she chose to go on that show!  If I were Des I would have gotten PISSED at my brother.  Maybe I show my emotions a little bit more than her but why didn't she stand up for herself or their relationship?  I don't think I would have let that one slide...  I guess that shows a little bit of my character! lol yikes.

Sean Tells All.  That was not juicy enough for me.  He did not reveal any new information that we didn't already know.  I think Tierra wouldn't come on the show for the Women Tell All so they realized it wouldn't be dramatic enough so they decided to do a Sean Tells All.  Well it was boring.  Sorry, but Sean telling us that "Tierra shouldn't have ever come on the show" is not enough drama for me.  Already knew it. 

Anyway, now that I wrote a novel and spent more time than I should on this silly show, I will leave you with my predictions for the finale.  I think the top two will be Lindsey and AshLee.  And I think Sean will pick Lindsey in the end.  Also, I am not sure who wrote the note to him that they show in the previews. Maybe it is Catherine?  I mean they do have this note thing that they do.  Or I could see AshLee writing him a note as well.  We shall see!  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy The Bachelor Finale!!

Highs from this week

High Five for Friday

5 Highs from this week:
1 // A fun handmade card from my talented best Steph :)
2 // Q and I went to the Children's Museum last weekend.  It was so.much.fun! There were so many fun things for him to do and see.  I can't wait to get a family membership so we can go more often!
3 // Q went to his first hockey game! Technically it's not his first game because we did go to a hockey game when he was an infant but he slept through it that time.  But anyway, he loved it! Stood by the glass the whole time. That is, until the players got close and then Q would get scared. Haha!
4 //  Q got his first haircut.  I sort of cut his bangs a little short {and crooked} when trimming his hair so we had to take him to his first professional cut to fix my mistake.  He did pretty well!  

As you can see this week was a great week!  But I will say, I am pretty excited that it is Friday.  We are heading to Minneapolis tonight to visit family and to watch my mom's show choir perform (she's a vocal music teacher :)).  I just might have to stop by some of my favorite stores while I'm in Mnpls.  I don't know... maybe H&M, Urban Outfitters, Anthropolgie, J.Crew, Macy's... I haven't thought about it or anything :)  Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!  Link up with Lauren with your Five Highs from this week! #H54F


Winter White

How to Wear a White Sheath Dress How to Wear a White Sheath Dress How to Wear a White Sheath Dress
Dress - Banana Factory | Shirt - J.Crew Factory | Tights - Kohls | Shoes - Sole Society
Necklace & Earrings - Premier Designs Jewelry

 Shop Spring Versions of This Look:

I haven't been wearing this dress like I thought I would during the Workwear Remix Challenge. Mostly because it has been super cold and I just couldn't bare wearing a dress or skirt.  And as much as I love these heels, they are pretty scary to walk around in Iowa winter.  You just never know when you might hit an ice patch.  Or trip on your own feet.  I guess that could happen anywhere.  But I finally put an outfit together and bared the wind to photograph it. Excuse the wind-blown mop on my head... it was ridic outside.

P.S. I'm not going to lie, I can't wait for this challenge to be over.  My creativity is feeling stifled!


Simple Black and White

Black and White Weekend Outfit Black and White Weekend Outfit Black and White Weekend Outfit Black and White Weekend Outfit Black and White Weekend Outfit Black and White Weekend Outfit Top - Gap Outlet | Sweater - LOFT | Jeans - Gap | Purse - Target | Shoes - Target
Loving these stripes:

I had a hard time deciding what to wear for the Trend of the Month Challenge hosted by Marionberry Style.  I look forward to each month for this link up.  Marion always chooses a really fun but wearable trend and I love seeing what everyone comes up with!  I know I probably could have come up with a more mod and unique outfit choice but that just isn't me {at least this month}!  I don't have very many geometric or mod black and white prints {read: none} but I do have a lot of {read: too many} stripes.  So this is how I am rockin the black and white trend these days.  Simple with a few coordinating patterns and a pop of color.  Done. Hope to see you guys on the link up!


Sephora Haul

Favorite Products at Sephora Favorite Products at Sephora

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

When I was in Des Moines this past weekend, I was able to pop into a Sephora {ahhhh!!!}.  There were so many products that I have had my eye on for awhile but wasn't able to purchase in Iowa City.  I could have ordered them online but I wanted to see them in person.  Anyone else feel that way about makeup and beauty products?  I can buy clothes online like it's my job {wish it were} but I just can't with makeup. 

Anyway, I went a little crazy once I was able to get my hands on some of these coveted products.  I am already loving the Dr. Jart BB Cream!  It's perfect for the weekend or a relaxed day at work where you just want light makeup coverage.  I was surprised to find that it fit my skin tone as well!  Since I am pretty fair, I wasn't sure.  Hence why I wouldn't buy it online :) I also am looooving the Tarte Maracuja Oil.  It is such a silky moisturizing oil that completely rejuvenates my skin over night.  I know 'oil' sounds bad but it's really more of a silky moisturizer.  And can I say that the Prada Infusion D' Iris is an amazing perfume.  One of my favorites by far.  It is pricey but so worth it!  It's light and refreshing and stays with you through the day.  So perfect for spring :)

The little bobby pins are so fun and the perfect pop of color.  I really like all of these products so far.  They all remind me of spring and I can't wait to make them part of my beauty routine.  Have you guys tried any of these products?  Which are your favorites??


For the love of scarves

How to Wear a Floral Scarf How to Wear a Floral Scarf How to Wear a Floral Scarf How to Wear a Floral Scarf How to Wear a Floral Scarf How to Wear a Floral Scarf 

I'm still going strong on the workwear remix challenge and thankfully I am able to wear fun accessories and scarves because if it weren't for that I would probably be going crazy!  Hopefully I can slide through the next couple weeks on springy scarves and dangly earrings.  That is the plan.  

Speaking of scarves, I think I need a lavendar scarf.  And by need I mean really-want-but-do-not-repeat-do-not-need-another-scarf.  It's still on my list of things to get for spring.  Which means I'll probably end up with one.  Don't blame me, blame the rules of list making.


Where vs Wear - Neon & Floral Edition

My lovely friend, Steph from oh!dorable, and I are starting a series that we can't wait to introduce to all of you!  Two of our favorite things are fashion and decorating (obvs!) so we decided to combine our loves into one big inspiration collage! We will take one creative item (whether it's a clothing item, home decor item, picture, etc.) and create an inspiration collage for your wardrobe and home! Steph will give you ideas on WHERE you can use this inspiration and I will show you how you can WEAR this inspiration!  Sounds fun {and inspirational} right?!

With all of the neon and bright colors that have been forecasted to be huge this spring, we couldn't help but start this series with a bright and feminine item.  Meet... the Athena Skirt.  {oooh.... aahhhh...}  Yes, she's gorg.  And over my price range.  But Miss Athena was still the perfect inspiration for our Where vs Wear challenge. Now let's get our inspiration on!

How to wear floral and neon
How to wear floral and neon

Valentine photo Valentine photo Valentine photo

Just a few snippets of my Valentine's day :)


Love is in the air

Love Photos 
Love Photos 
 Love Photos 
 Love Photos 
 Love Photos 
 Love Photos

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I can't help but feel the love in the air today! Thought I would share some of my favorite lovey dovey photos for you all :)