Bachelor Thoughts 3

Sorry I wasn't able to post about last week's episodes!  I felt like I spent all week watching the Bachelor {and I pretty much did}!  I wasn't sure why they had two episodes in one week but it definitely made things go by really fast.  I can't believe we are already down to the final four and the home visits.  This is where it gets real.  Real fast. As if saying 'I'm falling in love with you' at this stage isn't fast enough!  

Here are my quick thoughts from last week:

-Sayonara Selma.  Her comments {more like complaints} were ridiculousness.  On her one on one date she complains because "why would Sean bring an Iraqi to the desert?!" and then the next date she is complaining that "I'm from Baghdad, we are warm weather people!".  Haha- make up your mind, girl!  But in all honesty, it's too bad that she ended up kissing Sean on T.V. and then he sent her home.  Sean should feel kinda bad about that...

-See ya Sarah.  One thing I noticed when Sarah was leaving was that I felt like she wasn't actually sad that she wouldn't be with Sean but that she was afraid she wouldn't end up with anyone.  I feel like this show really brings up the insecurities from ALL of the past relationship in these girls that get sent home.  They aren't that devastated that it didn't work out with the bachelor but that they feel they will never find the right one.  Stick with it girls, you will find him! 

And about last night's episode:

-TTYL Tierra.  Thank goodness you have a sister, Sean.  She talked some sense into your confused brain and I'm so glad you listened!  It would be a long, hard relationship with Tierra, knowing that she probably wouldn't get along with your sister, mom, friend's wives, etc.  Let alone having to carry her through every dramatic episode that is life.  He's strong, but not that strong.

-Later Lesley. I was a little shocked with Lesley.  I thought they had more of a connection than they did.  But I guess when the foundation of your relationship is a kissing world record, it just isn't enough.

All in all a pretty low key episode this week.  Other than Tierra. Obviously.  But what's new.  Oh and can I just say my favorite is still Ashlee {even though she can be really sappy sometimes}.  But Catherine is growing on me a lot.  And I know a lot of people like Lindsey but I'm just not sold that there is anything deep there.  All they do is kiss.  Just sayin.

Until next time!  Should be a good one with Des's brother gettin all jersey on everyone :)