Love is...

Zara Sequin Collar Tee Zara Sequin Collar Tee Zara Sequin Collar Tee Zara Sequin Collar Tee Zara Sequin Collar Tee
Sequin Collar Tee - Zara | Jacket - TJ Maxx {similar} | Jeans - American Eagle  
Shoes - Sole Society

I bought my first ever purchase from Zara!  I know, have I been living in a hole?  If you call Iowa a hole, then yes. Wait, you probably do call Iowa a hole... but I swear it's not.  'Cause I can order from Zara even in Iowa!  Hooray!

Anyway, I'm officially obsessed.  They have the cutest tops {and sweaters and shoes and purses and... I could go on} that are unique, trendy and at reasonable prices {not F21 pricing but still great :)}.  They will be seeing more of my front doorstep very soon, I'm sure. 

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  You were good to me 2012 but I hope for an even better 2013 :)  Stay safe everyone!


Again?! Yes, again.

Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest
Plaid top - Gap Outlet {similar} | Fur Vest - Aeropostale {similar}
  Jeans - American Eagle | Necklace - InPink | Bracelet - Ily Couture 
Shoes - Sole Society

I know I am probably boring you all with my fur vestiveness and plaid craziness but I can't help it! I seriously have been wearing it nonstop.  And since I planned these outfits a bit in advance, I didn't realize every pic would include these staples until I put them all together.   Sorry I'm not sorry.  I mean it is the week of Christmas so it was bound to happen! 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I hope you all were able to celebrate the real reason for this Christmas holiday.  I am so thankful that we are able to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 9:6

  For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

WIW for Christmas

What to Wear for Christmas 2012 What to Wear for Christmas 2012 What to Wear for Christmas 2012 What to Wear for Christmas 2012 What to Wear for Christmas 2012 What to Wear for Christmas 2012
  Dress - Lauren Conrad via Kohls | Plaid Shirt - Gap Outlet {similar}
Necklace - Premier Designs {on ebay} | Tights - Target  Shoes - Sole Society

So obviously these pictures were taken here in Iowa before I left for vacation.  But this is what I packed for our Christmas dinner on the cruise ship. 

Side note: I totally wish I could post outfit pictures from our trip but unfortunately Wi-fi is CrAzY expensive to purchase. {lame.} So, I planned ahead.  Unlike me, but that just shows how much I care about this blog :)

Anywho... I am wearing plaid again. I realize this. But it's super festive and since it isn't flannel, it is pretty light and breezy for the Caribbean.  Also, I am totally ditching these tights.  Who needs them in 70 degree weather! 


Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad

And we're off to the Caribbean & Mexico! Hope you have a Merry Christmas {or Feliz Navidad as I will be saying this year} and safe travels!



Since most of us will be doing a lot of traveling this week I thought I would put together a list of really great books that would be perfect for the long car rides or just snuggling by a lit fire :)

Most of you probably don't know this about me, but I am a HUGE book worm!  I read multiple books a month {when I can} and am part of a book club that meets once a month.  Each month the host {whoever has bookclub at their house that month} picks the book that we read.  Since we all have different tastes, we have read everything from The Godfather to the Poinsonwood Bible and even a group favorite, The Hunger Games {way before the movie}.

Here is a list of some of my favorites or on my must read list:


Holiday Inspiration

Holiday Outifts 2012
I wanted to do a fun collaboration with my bestie, Steph from Oh!dorable and her sister Sam, on fun ways to dress up for the Holidays.  Since they both live in the South, I knew they would have a different approach for what to wear for this Holiday season.  Hope you get some inspiration if you are having a hard time figuring out what to wear.  According to us, if you have on leather or sequins you are good to go! 
My look:
Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012
  Plaid shirt - Gap Outlet {similar} | Necklace - Forever 21 {similar}  Sequin tee - J.Crew Factory {similar} | Pants - Gap | Shoes - Dillards {similar}
Steph's Look:
Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012

Sam's Look
Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012 Holiday Outifts 2012


Holiday Gift Guide - Puppy Edition

Hey y'all it's Steph from Oh!dorable Design and I am so excited to be doing my first guest post here on EBO! Jonna asked me if I would post a gift guide since she is jet setting down to her cruise... so jealous!  EBO has covered gift guides for the man all the way to the bestie so what possibly could be left?? Gift Guide for your favorite furball! If you are anything like me and love spoiling your pet, below you will find the best accessories and necessities for the winter season. 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9


Elf Yourself

We have a tradition every year to create an Elf Yourself video and they always make me laugh so hard.  I love seeing Quinlan break out his hip hop moves :)  You all should create one, they are so fun!


Cruise Essentials

Cruise Essentials 2012
All I can think about are swim suits and sunglasses... which is totally crazy for a Midwesterner in December.  But since we are going on a cruise in 4 days {omg 4 days!? 4 days.} I have all things sun on my mind.  You might not be traveling to warmer weather this year but if you are, this might help you.  If anything, this it's definitely helping me organize my thoughts :)
My Essentials
Book:  I can't wait to read this book.  Have any of you read this?  Was it helpful? 

Sunglasses: Obviously a must have.
Panama Hat:  Can't wait to pull this baby out of the closet :)
Carry-All Purse:  My obsession with stripes picked up right where we left off in August.
Swim Suit:  I have this one from J.Crew {sold out online but can find on ebay} and LOVE it.  It is so slimming {for those of us with residual baby bellies :(} and cute to boot!
iPad:  'nough said.

Scarf:  You never know when you might need shade from the sun {or rain!}

Sunscreen:  OMG have you smelled this stuff?  Amazing.

Maxi Dress:  Can be used as a swimsuit cover up or dress for dinner!


Fur and Silk

How to Wear a Fur Vest How to Wear a Fur Vest How to Wear a Fur Vest How to Wear a Fur Vest How to Wear a Fur Vest How to Wear a Fur Vest
Jeans - American Eagle | Top - Forever 21 (vest would look cute over this dress)
Vest - Aeropostale (similar) | Boots - Kohls (similar)

This fur vest is probably going to be a tangled mess by the end of this winter.  Since the weather has been unseasonable warm for Iowa, I have been wearing my fall favorites non.stop.  But this vest is so easy to throw on.  Seriously pulls together any outfit.  Oh, and my new obsession is wedge sneakers.  So comfy. So cute. Must have more.

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Holiday Tweed

Tweed Skirt Tweed Skirt Tweed Skirt
Blazer - Lauren Conrad for Kohls | Necklace - Premier Designs (on ebay)
Tweed Skirt - Dillards (similar)  Tights - Target | Booties - Dillards (similar)

I love being able to wear all of the luxurious fabrics like tweed, velvet, sequins, etc. this time of year without needing an explanation for it.  Not very often do you see someone running around in an all sequin dress in June {not that I wouldn't} but in December noone bats an eye at it.  What fun fabrics are you all wearing this holiday season?



Oxblood Booties Oxblood Booties Oxblood Booties Oxblood Booties
Sweater Dress - TJ Maxx | Tights - TJ Maxx | Booties - H&M | Necklace - InPink

 Today is just one of those days...  Quick take pictures, hurry get Q to daycare, crap I'm late for work.  Everything is on rush mode.  All in the name of Christmas.  I feel like I am not able to completely enjoy the season with all of this craziness.  I'm sure I feel like this every year but I thought this year would be different since we will be on vacation during Christmas.  No packages to bring, no food to cook, just relaxing.  But of course it is always extra stressful leading up to the relaxing :)  

Are you all on rush mode too?  Or maybe next week it will hit ya... 

All I can say is bring on the sun and sand!