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This stage really is the best... who said 2 wasn't a fun age?! This kid knows how to work it like the best of us.  His facial muscles, that is.  Every time I get a picture of him he has some smirk, smile or goofy face going on.

Granted, with all the cute smiles a few of these are bound to happen... more often than not really...
This gem will be featured front and center at his graduation party.


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FFL - Rockstud Pump

Valentino Rockstud Look Alikes

{click on the heel above for details!}

valentino 'rockstud' // pink - torrid // nude - windsor // yellow - sole society
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I love the Valentino 'Rockstud' heel and have seen it show up on many blogs and around the ol' internets as of late.  Honestly, I've never spent close to a grand on shoes {or any article of clothing or really even technology!} in my life and probably never will.  Don't quote me on that if I end up winning the lottery or something ;) 

I'm the type that will look for the knock-off or cheaper version of the brand name.  Luckily, many designers/shops are coming out with their own 'rockstud' version.  I am definitely leaning towards the yellow Sole Society heel due to the mid-size heel {perfect for work!} and fun but still fall appropriate color. 

 If any of you have other versions that you've seen please let me know!  This girl needs {ha!} a new pair of shoes.  I mean, it is my birthday month after all...

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accordian pleated tee // d'orsay heels
french bulldog tee // harem pant
knit fedora // faux leather moto jacket
sheer kimono // leopard clutch
zipped marled sweater // ponte leggings
studded military jacket // tres chic sweater

It's been too long... really!  I missed posting on here and am glad that I got to take a break but am bursting with things to share ;) As always... I love Fall and more importantly Fall clothes.  So here are some of my favorites from Forever 21 for this Fall. I like to go cheap with the trends {like the hat and harem pants} but can't help being drawn to their sweaters and jackets as well.  You just never know what you will get with quality, though.

I will say, I own the nude pumps above and they are amazing.  Great quality {granted  I've only worn them once} but I wore them all night for a wedding and they felt great!  So, just sayin.  You need them.

And for those of you Iowans {or do other states particiate?}.. happy tax-free weekend! And stay safe out there.  It can be a mad house ;)


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