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We all know I love a good sale... and a J.Crew sale?  My favorite kind! Here are a few, okay several, items that are on my wishlist.  Or in my cart.  Okay I purchased some things!  Quit the interrogation!  But really... I am having a rough time not pulling the trigger on every.single.item.  Welp, here's to exercising some restraint!  Or to an empty wallet...

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Q Turns 2!

It is official... my baby boy is a toddler! I don't know whether to cry or to.. cry.  I just can't believe he is getting so old.  And so fast!  But I will say he is at the perfect age for a birthday party.  He finally understands what a party is and that it was for him!  He felt so loved and was beyond happy all weekend long.  We started off the birthday weekend with a Little Blue Truck party at our house.  We invited family that lived nearby and a few friends and had a blast!  Here are some pictures of the decor and food.  I could party plan all day long... oh wait... I do.
Andy made the cake!  Layered White Cake with Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Frosting.
Did you know you can buy frosting in bulk from bakeries!? It's so much better and cheaper than the tubs of frosting!  Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
Pies in a jar recipe here! Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
This blazer is the bomb and is on sale now at J.CrewLittle Blue Truck Birthday Party Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
Omg these two... Little Blue Truck Birthday Party
Of course, we can't just celebrate a birthday just once.  We need to have a second celebration the next day!  And then on his actual birthday the following day.  And then at daycare the day after his actual birthday...  you see where this is going...
Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2

And cupcakes for daycare :) I just love owls... and chevron... and Reese's pieces.
Owl Cupcakes Owl Cupcakes
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Whew!  What a weekend!  Okay, enough about me... how was your weekend!?  What did you do for Memorial day???

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We Love
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Two years have come and gone but the moments are sweeter than ever.  We can't wait to celebrate the last two years and for the many more to come.  Happy birthday, baby boy!
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Shelf It

The Shelf
Can I just tell you guys about Shelf?!  I know a few other bloggers have been talking about it lately but I wanted to make sure to let you all know how awesome it is!  I love the idea of a website that organizes, categorizes and watches all of your favorite online items.  And when I say 'watch', I mean watch.  Not only does Shelf keep track of prices for your shelved items {in chart form, of course} but you can also set a price for each item and Shelf will notify you when the item price drops to your designated price!  How awesome is that?!  I have been waiting for a site that would be that diligent in spending my money ;)
The Shelf
It's super easy to get started.  After you register, you add the "Shelf It" booklet to your bookmark tab and you can shelve items easily as you shop!  And for you bloggers out there, your affiliate links can be added to each item as well.  It's like pinning
The Shelf
It's a really neat website and the 'name your lowest price' feature is ah-maz-ing.  Check out and follow my shelves and let me know if you start a profile and I will check out your items!

Have fun with it and happy shelving!
The Shelf
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Knits? Check. Sandals? Check. Braid? Double Check.

Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid 
Shop the Look:

As evidenced by recent posts, striped dresses and comfy sandals are my weekend uniform.  When our family goes on walks in the morning or to the park, I don't really want to wear "workout clothes" or a t-shirt and shorts but I still want to be comfortable.  Hence, why I keep reaching for knit dresses and flat sandals.  It really is the best of both worlds - I can be a presentable mom and still get dirty in the sand... win, win.  Take my word for it, or better yet just wear your knits and sandals this weekend.  You're welcome in advance. 

Also, can I just say that the day that I decide I am totally, utterly, for sure going to chop off my hair because I am so sick of the unhealthy, tangled mess that graces my head all day is the day that I try a perfect summer hairstyle that is put together but super easy.  As if this indecisive gal needed another reason to not cut it.  Maybe I just need to wear this hairstyle every day until my apt so that I can be sick of it by then. Yup, that's a fantastic plan.  More on possible hairstyles soon.  I need opinions!  And encouragement...

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Swimsuit Favorites 2013 
| bikini | 1 | 2 | 3 |
| one-piece | 1 | 2 | 3 |
| cover-up | 1 | 2 | 3 |
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Well the weather is finally cooperating and therefore, it is officially swimsuit season!  We have a pool {which is rare in Iowa!} so having a few different types of swimsuits is imperative for me each summer.  I like a good bikini for the days I want to get a good tan or just relax with the family.  A one-piece is a must when we are hosting a pool party.  Noone wants to be running around hosting a party being insecure their goodies are hanging out.  And most importantly a cute cover up is a must!  I really think I need that ASOS Aztec-inspired dress.  Yes, need.  What type of suits are you looking for this year?  Any other favorites out there I need to know about?!

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Q turns 2

Newborn Photos
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I can't believe that almost 2 years have gone by since my firstborn came into this world.  Time has been flying by and unlike last year, I haven't planned a lick of his 2nd birthday party!  I seriously feel horrible that I planned so much for his party last year and then totally bombed on the organization for this year's party.  But like I normally do, I will pull this together last minute and it will be mediocre amazing.  We did set a date for the party but unfortunately it is next weekend.  Oh, and I don't have a theme yet.  So here's to organizing my thoughts on "paper".  Let the brainstorming begin!

Q's favorite book is the Little Blue Truck.  It is the cutest book and he already has some of the book memorized since we read it so much!  I thought it might be neat to do a theme based on the book.  Here are some ideas that I found on pinterest that could be neat:
Little Blue Truck Birthday Party Ideas Little Blue Truck Birthday Party Ideas Little Blue Truck Birthday Party Ideas
1 // 2 // 3

But... finding things for the Little Blue Truck theme might be difficult in a week and a half.  So then I thought of the next favorite thing of Quinlans... FIRETRUCKS!  He's obsessed to say the least and a little Red Firetruck party could be so fun!  There are tons of ideas out there for it and I think it would be super easy to plan the party around firetrucks.
Firetruck Birthday Party Ideas Firetruck Birthday Party Ideas Firetruck Birthday Party Ideas Firetruck Birthday Party Ideas
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

So you see my dilemma... now I just need to execute.  Which is your favorite?  Any ideas for either of these themes?  I need to start pinning {and planning!} like now!

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