Q Turns 2!

It is official... my baby boy is a toddler! I don't know whether to cry or to.. cry.  I just can't believe he is getting so old.  And so fast!  But I will say he is at the perfect age for a birthday party.  He finally understands what a party is and that it was for him!  He felt so loved and was beyond happy all weekend long.  We started off the birthday weekend with a Little Blue Truck party at our house.  We invited family that lived nearby and a few friends and had a blast!  Here are some pictures of the decor and food.  I could party plan all day long... oh wait... I do.
Andy made the cake!  Layered White Cake with Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Frosting.
Did you know you can buy frosting in bulk from bakeries!? It's so much better and cheaper than the tubs of frosting!  Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
Pies in a jar recipe here! Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
This blazer is the bomb and is on sale now at J.CrewLittle Blue Truck Birthday Party Little Blue Truck Birthday Party 
Omg these two... Little Blue Truck Birthday Party
Of course, we can't just celebrate a birthday just once.  We need to have a second celebration the next day!  And then on his actual birthday the following day.  And then at daycare the day after his actual birthday...  you see where this is going...
Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2 Quinlan turns 2

And cupcakes for daycare :) I just love owls... and chevron... and Reese's pieces.
Owl Cupcakes Owl Cupcakes
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Whew!  What a weekend!  Okay, enough about me... how was your weekend!?  What did you do for Memorial day???

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