Knits? Check. Sandals? Check. Braid? Double Check.

Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid Crown Braid 
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As evidenced by recent posts, striped dresses and comfy sandals are my weekend uniform.  When our family goes on walks in the morning or to the park, I don't really want to wear "workout clothes" or a t-shirt and shorts but I still want to be comfortable.  Hence, why I keep reaching for knit dresses and flat sandals.  It really is the best of both worlds - I can be a presentable mom and still get dirty in the sand... win, win.  Take my word for it, or better yet just wear your knits and sandals this weekend.  You're welcome in advance. 

Also, can I just say that the day that I decide I am totally, utterly, for sure going to chop off my hair because I am so sick of the unhealthy, tangled mess that graces my head all day is the day that I try a perfect summer hairstyle that is put together but super easy.  As if this indecisive gal needed another reason to not cut it.  Maybe I just need to wear this hairstyle every day until my apt so that I can be sick of it by then. Yup, that's a fantastic plan.  More on possible hairstyles soon.  I need opinions!  And encouragement...

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