Sick boy and a Thanks!

How to Wear an Owl Sweater How to Wear an Owl Sweater How to Wear an Owl Sweater How to Wear an Owl Sweater
Owl Sweater - Old Navy | Gingham Shrit - Old Navy | Jeans - Gap | Booties - Kohls
Get your owl on:

I have been stuck at home the last few days with a sick baby boy.  It's been fun staying home with him but sucks that he is feeling so lowsy :(  Breaks my heart!  So I am going to keep this short since I have a lot of cuddling to do with my little man.  But I wanted to make sure I thank all of you for following faithfully and reading my rants and thoughts every day.  I truly appreciate all of your comments and love getting to know each of you!  Owl always love you, readers! :)


Bachelor Thoughts 2

So another week of the Bachelor came and went.  It really does make Mondays seem better.  Maybe it's because I can skip dinner dish duty and bathtime rituals for one night with my girlfriends.  Or maybe it's because Sean is easy on the eyes.  Or  maybe it's because I can wear sweats out of the house and not feel guilty about it.  Or... just kidding, it's all of the above. Obvs. 

Here are my favs from this week.

Selma.  And I quote: "Really?! He took an Iraqi to the desert?".  Wow.  None of the other girls got mad that their dates weren't these amazing, helicopter over the mountains romantic dates.  She wears workout clothes and then is mad that they went rock climbing.  What was she expecting?!
Also, I respect that she comes from a conservative home and won't kiss Sean until he is only dating her.  But, could she make it a bit easier on the guy and not wear shirts with her boobs hanging out?  Just sayin.

Sarah.  I felt bad for her during the group date but I'm glad that Sean supported her and pushed her to try the roller derby thing.  If they were to be a real couple, he would need to be that guy for her in a lot of situations I'm sure.  Glad to see he didn't tell her to give up.

Robin. Taste the chocolate? Yikes.

Tierra.  Oh man, I don't even know what to say.  I have a feeling Sean likes to be the care-taker in relationships and kinda likes a needy girl.  He seems to really like Tierra even with her dramatic breakdowns.  Maybe it will work...?  Probably just as compatible as Ben and Courtney.

Ashley.  She's so my fav.  Super sweet and not dramatic.  I pick her!

Amanda.  Super weird.  Glad that's over with.

Leslie.  Nice gal, but didn't see it. 

I don't feel like this episode was that great.  Kinda boring... maybe it's because I didn't like any of the one on one dates.  Hopefully next week is better! 


Workwear Remix Challenge

How to remix work clothes
So here's the thing... February always seems to be the loooongest month {ironically it is the shortest month} because it is that in-between winter and spring month that seems to drag on.  I'm already so over my winter clothes and can't quite wear my spring clothes so I am kind of in a slump.  And that is why I am doing a Workwear Remix Challenge!  I need to start remixing my winter items and introducing some of my spring items into my work wardrobe.  What better way than to force myself into outfit creation submission than with a limited wardrobe!?  So here's the scoop.  I will create 20 outfits, {yikes!} with these 20 pieces of clothing below for 4 weeks {20 work days}.  I can mix and match until my heart's content!

Oh, and I also am not buying any new clothes during this challenge.  That is the biggest challenge of all for me! But why would I want something new if I couldn't wear it for 30 days right?  We'll see...

So here are the beloved 20:

How to remix work clothes How to remix work clothes How to remix work clothes

The breakdown:
4 Tops // 1 Floral, 1 Plaid, 1 Gingham, 1 Stripe
2 Sweaters // 1 Navy, 1 Polka Dot Cardigan
3 Blazers // 1 Tan, 1 Stripe, 1 Pink
3 Pants // 1 Black, 1 Pink, 1 Grey
2 Skirts // 1 Stripe, 1 Grey
1 Dress // 1 Cream Sheath Dress
5 Shoes // 1 Orange, 1 Black, 1 Leopard, 1 Grey, 1 Navy

I plan on starting this challenge next Monday {Feb. 4th} and continuing it for 4 work weeks.  I will be posting all of my outfits on my instagram account {follow me @jonnaeiffert !} and EBO's facebook page so if you want all the nitty gritty dets then make sure to follow along!  I will also post some of my favorite outfits from the week here on the blog. 
If any of you are feeling like I am and need a little boost in the creativity department when it comes to your wardrobe then feel free to join!   The more the merrier!  All of the items that I picked are super versatile and I'm sure everyone has similar items in their closet for inspiration.  If you decide to join, let me know so I can follow along.  Also, if you have any advice for this remix first-timer hit me up :) 
Wish me luck!

That one 50 degree day...

How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots 
And this is what happens when you haven't seen the sun in months... How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots
Q's Duds:
Raincoat - OshKosh (similar) | Mustache tee - Target {cute options on etsy}
Plaid shirt - Target {similar} | Grey skinnies - Gap :{similar}: Shoes - Converse via Kohls
We got hit with some gorgeous weather a few weekends ago.  Well, I should say just on Saturday.  Because Mother Nature knew we would get a little cocky if she gave us two days of nice weather.  Hence why she threw us some ice this past weekend. So she played it cool {heh} with one 50 degree day and one -6 degree day.  I'm not complaining though, we got out of the house and it was  If you have a toddler you  know how horribly long winter can be.  When you are stuck in a small house with only so many places to explore, you start to get a little antsy.  And Antsy is our middle name these days.  I can't imagine how much worse it would be if I stayed at home.  I would probably be broke because we would be at the mall every single day :)  Anything to get out of the house and keep mama sane right?!

All of this to say, Quinlan hasn't looked so happy in months! He was in heaven running around, picking up sticks, crushing what is left of the leaves.  It was awesome.  And much needed.  Thank you Mother Nature, we owe you big time!


Pop O' Pink!

Polka Dot Cardigan with Pencil Skirt Polka Dot Cardigan with Pencil Skirt Polka Dot Cardigan with Pencil Skirt Polka Dot Cardigan with Pencil Skirt

Pink has always been my favorite color.  I went through phases where purple or yellow caught my eye {never blue, by the way} but pink always was the winner in my book.  I noticed about a year ago that I hardly had any pink items in my wardrobe.  Like maybe one top and that was it.  So, I was on a mission to change that!  Now, I own so much pink I probably wear pink almost every day.   We're talking multiple pink shoes, pink pants and even a pink coat.  Luckily the whole neon and bright color trend is sticking around! 
Unfortunately, today I noticed I hardly own a single red article of clothing.  If the pink wardrobe is any predictor of what might happen, I think I will need a red intervention by next Christmas. 
What colors are you obsessed with lately???

Quinspiration - Mint

Little boy outfit inspiration


I'm not going to lie... I love the fact that I get to buy Q a brand new wardrobe each season.  It's not great on the budget but it sure is fun picking out each season's digs.  Of crouse, he doesn't really even know or care about what he's wearing but I hope we will see eye to eye once he's older and has more say in his outfit choices each day.  Hopefully he will grow to like mint. And orange. And stripes. :)


IT List

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How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots How to mix polka dots with polka dots

I know pattern mixing is so 2012 but I'm still rockin it with my dots out.  Finally, it was warm enough that I could stand outside without my coat and not freeze my arse off.  Now I don't look so crazy standing around taking pictures in the freezing cold.  Wait, that's not true.  It's still weird and crazy no matter the temp :)

I know it's only Thursday but what does everyone have going on this weekend?  We have had no plans the last few weekends and it has been so relaxing!  We are expecting some family on Friday so looks like I will be spending the night tonight cleaning so that I can act like our house is always this put together.  I really can't keep up during the week so every weekend it is a scramble to get the house ready again for another week.  Talk about monotonous.  Maybe I need to look over all those great organizing tips on my pinterest boards for inspiration... yes, that is what I should do tonight.  I knew I would find something better to do with my time.  Hope you all have a clean, stress-free, family-filled weekend!

Pretty Pleats

Purple Pleated Skirt Purple Pleated Skirt Purple Pleated Skirt Purple Pleated Skirt Purple Pleated Skirt

Shop Similar Items:

So you know how I said I was going to start letting you in on comments I receive from people??? Well, this might have been the lowest of the lows.  

Upon seeing me for the first time at work, my boss was walking by me and says "Woah, Jonna, are you wearing stripper heels?!"  I stood there shocked.  I didn't know what to say.  I kind of did that eyebrows raised, stick out your bottom lip, are you joking kind of look.  At which she responded "Oh, I'm just messin' with ya!".  Yeah, that came a few seconds too late.  So, that happened.  And totally ruined this outfit for me.  I just don't think I was meant to live in this hicktown.  Or should I say wildly-promiscuous-minded town.


Bachelor Thoughts

Okay, so I  know it is probably the biggest waste of two hours every Monday night but I just.can'  I get sucked in from the very first intro word Chris Harrison gives.  Once you invest two hours of your precious time, you feel compelled to also donate 24 more hours of your time until the season is over.  Oh my, I just realized I will have wasted a full day {if not more} watching the Bachelor this season.  Wow. 

To make myself feel better about it, I justify by saying I get to spend some quality {albeit silent} time with my girlfriends.  Granted we are not so silent during commercials :) 

Here are a couple of my comments from this week.  Feel free to follow along for rants and reviews each Tuesday.

Kacie. Oh my word.  Did we not hear a direct quote from her last week saying "The second time around you are a lot smarter".  Not in this case.  Anyone who brings up the other girls and the drama to the bachelor is doomed for failure.  See: Emily from Ben's Season.  I think I was pretty much face-palming during that whole scene.

AshLee. We are kindred spirits, that AshLee and I. Some people are hatin' on the capitol L but I have to say I like it.  I mean, my middle name is LeeAnn...

Sarah.  I like her {minus the annoying voice} but for her sake, I am glad she wasn't on the volleyball date.  Actually, knowing her she would probably be better than all of the girls that played.

Tierra.  How did not a single camera catch her fall down the stairs?  I wouldn't want to go to the hospital either if a bunch of medical professionals were going to call me out on a lie!  I have a feeling her comments and antics are just going to get better... stay tuned.

Favorites so far:  Desiree, AshLee, and Lesley.  I want to see  more of Catherine and Jackie.  I think I would like them, we just haven't seen much of them.

Overall comment.  Does it feel like the dates are getting more and more outrageous {compared to previous seasons}?  I mean I feel like it is becoming this game on which girl can withstand the most uncomfortable situation in order to win the dinner date with Sean.  For example, jumping off a building when you're afraid of heights.  Getting blamed for ruining a million dollar piece of art.  Longest on screen kiss, on a first date, in front of a crowd of people, for an insanely awkward amount of time.  Hanging out with two kids you've never met.  I mean all of those dates are fine but as your first date?! When you are trying to get to know someone?!  What happened to romantic picnics and more importantly, helicopter flights over the beautiful mountains?  Wait, I guess you can't really get to know each other in a helicopter either...

Anyways, even with all the drama and craziness, I can't wait to see how this season ends! {probably with a break up}

Oh and on a side note... my best friend, Steph, sat behind Sean at church on Sunday and I'm happy to report that he is as dreamy in person as he is on screen.  And he was accompanied by a man.  Good sign or bad sign, you be the judge. 

I just wasted another 30 minutes on the show typing this post. Such a fool...


Finds For Less :: Prada Baroque Sunglasses

I love when I find amazing deals for luxury items that I {and maybe some of you too!} don't have the budget for.  I have seen these prada glasses all over the blogging world and always thought they were so unique!  I never thought to think of a look alike but lo and behold amazon pulls through for anything you may need :)  If you are loving the funky baroque-style sunglasses why not get them for portion of the original cost!? 


Grey Beanie Hat Grey Beanie Hat Grey Beanie Hat Grey Beanie Hat
Grey Beanie Hat 

I'm sure you are all aware, but beanies aren't just for the boys anymore.  And thank goodness for that!  Not only did I not have to buy any new hats this year {because I can wear all of the hubbies too!} but they are also super cheap.  Like dollar store cheap.  And that, my friends, is a great investment for your pocket change :) 

I'm keeping it short and sweet today... lots to get done.  Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, organizing {you'd think I'm nesting...} So, hope you all have a great MLK day and a happy Monday :)

It List

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Liebster Award!

OMG, you guys! Angela from Selfless Ambition nominated Everything but Ordinary for the Liebster Award!  This is an award given to up and coming blogs to help promote them and meet other new blogs.  Thanks Angela for the nomination!

Here are the rules:
  1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the nominator asked.
  3. You (the nominee) come up with 11 new nominees (no tag backs) and 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  4. Nominees should have less than 200 followers and should link back to you on their Liebster blog post.
  5. Lastly, be sure to actually let the nominees know they've been nominated. Obvs.

 11 random facts about me:
  1. My favorite number is 8. And then 3.
  2. I can't cook.  Really, I'm horrible.  Ask my husband and son for proof {not that I'm proud}.
  3. I'm addicted to my phone.  It never leaves my side.  And it might be a problem :/
  4. I work full time as a Catering Sales Coordinator for the Univ. of Iowa.
  5. I ride the bus to and from work  Parking is $100 a month! No thank you.
  6. I hate public speaking.  Not that I speak in large groups often, but thinking about it makes me smile with a twitch and perspirate profusely.
  7. I'm 5'2".  And my husband is 6'5".  We win the award for awkward dancing and not-so-romantic hugs.
  8. Target is my happy place! And a pit for my money to fall into.
  9.  I recently became obsessed with lipstick.  I have a plethera of tubes of almost-the-same color pink
  10. I laugh {and cry} at the most awkward times.  Laughing at funerals and crying at comedians.
  11. I always wear my neck pillow while I'm driving {driving not riding} long distances.  Weird but true.

11 questions asked by Angela:
  1. If you were stranded on a deserted island with 1 other person, who would you want that person to be & why?  I feel like I should say my husband.  I mean he would probably be really good at building us shelter and all the other manly things he's good at.  But, if I wanted human interaction and conversation to keep me sane I would need my bestie, Steph, there :)  Can Q bet categorized as 1/2 a person so I can bring him too!?
  2. What is your best memory from the past 12 months?  Definitely the Christmas Cruise and Disney vacation my family went on a few weeks ago.  Seeing Quinlan's face light up every time he came across something new {which was all.the.time.} was something I will never forget!
  3. Your fave movie?  Mean Girls {I laugh the entire time!}
  4. Your fave candy bar?  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups {is that a candy bar??}
  5. Name 1 person in your life that has influenced you the most.  My mom! She is the one who taught me my love for shopping and fashion :) We're kinda two peas in a pod...
  6. What is your take on J.Crew? Love it & shop there often OR cute but way overpriced?  Love it and I do shop there, but it is usually over my budget.  Fortunately, there is a J.Crew Factory close by :)
  7. If you could have anyone design your home (and money was no object), who would you choose?  Steph from Oh!dorable!  Luckily she would probably do it for free :)  But she has an eye for design like no one I have ever met!
  8. If you could be on any reality show, what would it be?  The Kardashians.  I want proof that the things they say and do are actually their life.  I don't believe it!  ...And it would be fun :)
  9. Describe your ideal vacation.  Hawaii on an all-inclusive resort.  Beautiful location and no decision-making.  Epitome of relaxation!
  10. What is your fave song?  That's a hard one. No favorites right now, actually.
  11. What is your middle name?  LeeAnn No space, two capitol letters.  Sounds like a country singer, right?!

My 11 nominees!
  Steph @ Oh!dorable
  Lauren @ My Polished Side
  Chloee @ And So She Says...
  Danielle @ Goodwillista
  Sara @ Love by Lynn
  Lauren @ Sophisticated in Style
  Robyn @ What's Hanging
  Anne @ In Residence
  Jess @ City Sequins

  11 questions for my nominees:
  1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. Be Honest.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  3. Ocean or Mountains?
  4. If you could trade lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
  5. What is your favorite season and why?
  6. What habit(s) do you need to stop?
  7. What is your favorite holiday?
  8. What is your favorite zoo animal?
  9. Are you a hat person?
  10. What is your favorite T.V. show?
  11.  Roller-coasters. Love or hate?


Rockin Shorts.

Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights 

Going along with my "wear all of your spring items in the winter even if you freeze your arse off" theme that I've been sporting this week, I decided to try and style my jeans shorts with tights.  Crazy? Maybe.  But everyone's doing it.  And by everyone, I mean no one in Iowa.

I think I am going to start adding in the comments I get from people here in Iowa that just don't understand my style {usually from a co-worker. and no I don't wear outfits like this to work!}. 

Fortunately, I didn't get a comment in this outfit but here's how it would have gone down if the mall shopper's stares had words:
"Um, are you wearing shorts?"  {Yes, yes I am.}
"Are you cold in those?"  {Yes, yes I am.}
"You must be a college student..." {Nope. But thank you for your kind words.}

I mean, you guys would be honest with me if you thought I was wearing something outrageous, right?! Or maybe don't be honest...  I get enough honesty out of the peeps around me!  Oh well, who cares! I guess that's why they say be comfortable in your own skin {or clothes} :)