Rockin Shorts.

Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights Jean Shorts with Tights 

Going along with my "wear all of your spring items in the winter even if you freeze your arse off" theme that I've been sporting this week, I decided to try and style my jeans shorts with tights.  Crazy? Maybe.  But everyone's doing it.  And by everyone, I mean no one in Iowa.

I think I am going to start adding in the comments I get from people here in Iowa that just don't understand my style {usually from a co-worker. and no I don't wear outfits like this to work!}. 

Fortunately, I didn't get a comment in this outfit but here's how it would have gone down if the mall shopper's stares had words:
"Um, are you wearing shorts?"  {Yes, yes I am.}
"Are you cold in those?"  {Yes, yes I am.}
"You must be a college student..." {Nope. But thank you for your kind words.}

I mean, you guys would be honest with me if you thought I was wearing something outrageous, right?! Or maybe don't be honest...  I get enough honesty out of the peeps around me!  Oh well, who cares! I guess that's why they say be comfortable in your own skin {or clothes} :)



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