Starting... now.

Is it really 2013?! Where did the time go!? And Christmas... did that even happen.  I feel like I was so out of the loop when I was on the cruise.  We didn't have access to internet or t.v. which is super hard! I felt like I was in my own world celebrating Christmas with my new nautical friends like time wasn't even happening.  And then you get back to reality and it's 2013.  What.the.heck.

I will say... I am slowly getting organized for my jump into 2013 {I know it is already the 3rd but I've always been a little slow :)}. A planner is purchased  and a new juicer is unpacked with fruit and veggies ready for juicin'.  Now. Starting now I can finally begin thinking about this next year.

I know a lot of people balk at New Year's Resolutions but I love setting goals for myself and having a set time where I finally have an excuse to tackle some of  the things I didn't get done in the previous year.

Here are some of my goals {mostly small because we all know I need much improvement in actually completing any set goals}.   These will probably last for, you know, the next 365 days two weeks.

New Year's Resolutions 2013

1.  I really want to complete a 3, 5 and 7 day juice cleanse. I just bought a new Breville Juicer and have used it a couple times but haven't ventured into the cleanse yet.  If anyone has any advice/recipes for a juice cleanse please let me know!

2.  I know painting my nails is such a stupid thing to put as a goal.  And obviously this will probably go to the wayside if anything more important is happening.  But I recently got a shellac manicure and it has lasted me so long!  I forgot how much I love having my nails painted.  So even if it is a shellac manicure once a month or something that's good enough for me!

3.  So I know everyone says this, but I didn't realize how much time having a blog would take.  It takes awhile to come up with things to post and then to actually put together the post is like a full time job in itself!  I realize after 6 months of this blog, I need to plan ahead a little bit better.  So that is my goal and I'm sticking to it!

4.  I bought this super cute planner from target and I am determined to actually use it this year! I always get a planner and think I am going to write all of life's details in it and then... I use my iPhone instead.  Not this year, baby.  I'm using this pretty lady!

5.  So cliche to say I want to "Enjoy Life!" more but I do!  I want to be more grateful for the blessings that I have and enjoy the people and things God has given me.  I am blessed beyond belief so my thanks go to God by embracing and enjoying every step along the way. 

Hope everyone is having a great start to 2013.  Let's do this!