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How to Wear a Poncho How to Wear a Poncho How to Wear a Poncho How to Wear a Poncho How to Wear a Poncho
It is impossible to be unhappy in a poncho {believe me, even though I kinda look pissed in some of these pics!}.  It's pretty much like wearing a snuggie except you're allowed to wear it outside the confines of your couch.  So pretty much my go-to outfit :)  

One of my fav blog, J's Everyday Fashion, talks about how she regretted the purchase of this hat because she wasn't sure how to wear it in real life {like the celebrities do}.  But I find that it goes with everything.  Especially hair that hasn't been washed in three days.  They're pals like that.  

 I mean, I can't wear the hat to work or anything but I wear it all the time on the weekends to run errands or go shopping.  I personally think hats are the bomb and wish I could wear them all the time.  What do you guys think about hats?  I feel like people either love 'em or hate 'em.  Personally, I love them!

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Only link available online: Boots - Target
Poncho - Banana Republic Outlet | Black Tee - J.Crew Factory 
 Ponte Leggings - Vera Wang for Kohls 
 Scarf - Local Boutique | Hat - Gap

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Danielle Smiley said...

You are totally rocking this poncho! I wasn't much on this trend, but I am loving yours and the way you styled it. The hat looks perfect with this outfit too!

<3 Danielle