Bachelor Thoughts 2

So another week of the Bachelor came and went.  It really does make Mondays seem better.  Maybe it's because I can skip dinner dish duty and bathtime rituals for one night with my girlfriends.  Or maybe it's because Sean is easy on the eyes.  Or  maybe it's because I can wear sweats out of the house and not feel guilty about it.  Or... just kidding, it's all of the above. Obvs. 

Here are my favs from this week.

Selma.  And I quote: "Really?! He took an Iraqi to the desert?".  Wow.  None of the other girls got mad that their dates weren't these amazing, helicopter over the mountains romantic dates.  She wears workout clothes and then is mad that they went rock climbing.  What was she expecting?!
Also, I respect that she comes from a conservative home and won't kiss Sean until he is only dating her.  But, could she make it a bit easier on the guy and not wear shirts with her boobs hanging out?  Just sayin.

Sarah.  I felt bad for her during the group date but I'm glad that Sean supported her and pushed her to try the roller derby thing.  If they were to be a real couple, he would need to be that guy for her in a lot of situations I'm sure.  Glad to see he didn't tell her to give up.

Robin. Taste the chocolate? Yikes.

Tierra.  Oh man, I don't even know what to say.  I have a feeling Sean likes to be the care-taker in relationships and kinda likes a needy girl.  He seems to really like Tierra even with her dramatic breakdowns.  Maybe it will work...?  Probably just as compatible as Ben and Courtney.

Ashley.  She's so my fav.  Super sweet and not dramatic.  I pick her!

Amanda.  Super weird.  Glad that's over with.

Leslie.  Nice gal, but didn't see it. 

I don't feel like this episode was that great.  Kinda boring... maybe it's because I didn't like any of the one on one dates.  Hopefully next week is better! 



Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Keep up with these recaps! Loving them! Happy Wednesday :)