Cap toe heels

Target Cap Toe Heels Target Cap Toe Heels Target Cap Toe Heels Target Cap Toe Heels Target Cap Toe Heels
Blazer - Lauren Conrad for Kohls | Love tee - Forever21 {similar}
Leggings - Forever21 {similar} | Necklace - H&M {1/2} | Heels - Target {sold out online}

A lot of the ladies behind my favorite blogs are wearing all leather leggings which I think are super edgy and fun.  However,  I tried to pull that look off but unfortunately wasn't comfortable wearing them here in Iowa {let's just say I would stick out like a sore thumb...}.  Not that I care about sticking out because I probably do all of the time anyway but I just never found a time that was appropriate to wear them.  When I saw these panel leather leggings at Forever 21 I thought this would be the perfect way to introduce leather to Iowa.  {that is, leather other than chaps. and by leather I mean pleather}.  You're welcome, IA.

Or maybe I should be sorry.

Let's be honest, noone is giving up their carharts, overalls and hawkeye gear for black leather {what up Iowa stereotype :)}.

On another note, I had been looking for a pair of cap toe heels for awhile now.  When I saw these at Target on Black Friday I was so excited!  I later found out that my brother "couldn't believe I bought something that wasn't on sale on Black Friday!"  I don't even care that they weren't on sale.  It was worth it, bro.



Aub said...

Such a cute look!! Love everything.