Bachelor Thoughts

Okay, so I  know it is probably the biggest waste of two hours every Monday night but I just.can'  I get sucked in from the very first intro word Chris Harrison gives.  Once you invest two hours of your precious time, you feel compelled to also donate 24 more hours of your time until the season is over.  Oh my, I just realized I will have wasted a full day {if not more} watching the Bachelor this season.  Wow. 

To make myself feel better about it, I justify by saying I get to spend some quality {albeit silent} time with my girlfriends.  Granted we are not so silent during commercials :) 

Here are a couple of my comments from this week.  Feel free to follow along for rants and reviews each Tuesday.

Kacie. Oh my word.  Did we not hear a direct quote from her last week saying "The second time around you are a lot smarter".  Not in this case.  Anyone who brings up the other girls and the drama to the bachelor is doomed for failure.  See: Emily from Ben's Season.  I think I was pretty much face-palming during that whole scene.

AshLee. We are kindred spirits, that AshLee and I. Some people are hatin' on the capitol L but I have to say I like it.  I mean, my middle name is LeeAnn...

Sarah.  I like her {minus the annoying voice} but for her sake, I am glad she wasn't on the volleyball date.  Actually, knowing her she would probably be better than all of the girls that played.

Tierra.  How did not a single camera catch her fall down the stairs?  I wouldn't want to go to the hospital either if a bunch of medical professionals were going to call me out on a lie!  I have a feeling her comments and antics are just going to get better... stay tuned.

Favorites so far:  Desiree, AshLee, and Lesley.  I want to see  more of Catherine and Jackie.  I think I would like them, we just haven't seen much of them.

Overall comment.  Does it feel like the dates are getting more and more outrageous {compared to previous seasons}?  I mean I feel like it is becoming this game on which girl can withstand the most uncomfortable situation in order to win the dinner date with Sean.  For example, jumping off a building when you're afraid of heights.  Getting blamed for ruining a million dollar piece of art.  Longest on screen kiss, on a first date, in front of a crowd of people, for an insanely awkward amount of time.  Hanging out with two kids you've never met.  I mean all of those dates are fine but as your first date?! When you are trying to get to know someone?!  What happened to romantic picnics and more importantly, helicopter flights over the beautiful mountains?  Wait, I guess you can't really get to know each other in a helicopter either...

Anyways, even with all the drama and craziness, I can't wait to see how this season ends! {probably with a break up}

Oh and on a side note... my best friend, Steph, sat behind Sean at church on Sunday and I'm happy to report that he is as dreamy in person as he is on screen.  And he was accompanied by a man.  Good sign or bad sign, you be the judge. 

I just wasted another 30 minutes on the show typing this post. Such a fool...



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