Workwear Remix Challenge

How to remix work clothes
So here's the thing... February always seems to be the loooongest month {ironically it is the shortest month} because it is that in-between winter and spring month that seems to drag on.  I'm already so over my winter clothes and can't quite wear my spring clothes so I am kind of in a slump.  And that is why I am doing a Workwear Remix Challenge!  I need to start remixing my winter items and introducing some of my spring items into my work wardrobe.  What better way than to force myself into outfit creation submission than with a limited wardrobe!?  So here's the scoop.  I will create 20 outfits, {yikes!} with these 20 pieces of clothing below for 4 weeks {20 work days}.  I can mix and match until my heart's content!

Oh, and I also am not buying any new clothes during this challenge.  That is the biggest challenge of all for me! But why would I want something new if I couldn't wear it for 30 days right?  We'll see...

So here are the beloved 20:

How to remix work clothes How to remix work clothes How to remix work clothes

The breakdown:
4 Tops // 1 Floral, 1 Plaid, 1 Gingham, 1 Stripe
2 Sweaters // 1 Navy, 1 Polka Dot Cardigan
3 Blazers // 1 Tan, 1 Stripe, 1 Pink
3 Pants // 1 Black, 1 Pink, 1 Grey
2 Skirts // 1 Stripe, 1 Grey
1 Dress // 1 Cream Sheath Dress
5 Shoes // 1 Orange, 1 Black, 1 Leopard, 1 Grey, 1 Navy

I plan on starting this challenge next Monday {Feb. 4th} and continuing it for 4 work weeks.  I will be posting all of my outfits on my instagram account {follow me @jonnaeiffert !} and EBO's facebook page so if you want all the nitty gritty dets then make sure to follow along!  I will also post some of my favorite outfits from the week here on the blog. 
If any of you are feeling like I am and need a little boost in the creativity department when it comes to your wardrobe then feel free to join!   The more the merrier!  All of the items that I picked are super versatile and I'm sure everyone has similar items in their closet for inspiration.  If you decide to join, let me know so I can follow along.  Also, if you have any advice for this remix first-timer hit me up :) 
Wish me luck!


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