FFL - Rockstud Pump

Valentino Rockstud Look Alikes

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valentino 'rockstud' // pink - torrid // nude - windsor // yellow - sole society
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I love the Valentino 'Rockstud' heel and have seen it show up on many blogs and around the ol' internets as of late.  Honestly, I've never spent close to a grand on shoes {or any article of clothing or really even technology!} in my life and probably never will.  Don't quote me on that if I end up winning the lottery or something ;) 

I'm the type that will look for the knock-off or cheaper version of the brand name.  Luckily, many designers/shops are coming out with their own 'rockstud' version.  I am definitely leaning towards the yellow Sole Society heel due to the mid-size heel {perfect for work!} and fun but still fall appropriate color. 

 If any of you have other versions that you've seen please let me know!  This girl needs {ha!} a new pair of shoes.  I mean, it is my birthday month after all...

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