Cruise Essentials

Cruise Essentials 2012
All I can think about are swim suits and sunglasses... which is totally crazy for a Midwesterner in December.  But since we are going on a cruise in 4 days {omg 4 days!? 4 days.} I have all things sun on my mind.  You might not be traveling to warmer weather this year but if you are, this might help you.  If anything, this it's definitely helping me organize my thoughts :)
My Essentials
Book:  I can't wait to read this book.  Have any of you read this?  Was it helpful? 

Sunglasses: Obviously a must have.
Panama Hat:  Can't wait to pull this baby out of the closet :)
Carry-All Purse:  My obsession with stripes picked up right where we left off in August.
Swim Suit:  I have this one from J.Crew {sold out online but can find on ebay} and LOVE it.  It is so slimming {for those of us with residual baby bellies :(} and cute to boot!
iPad:  'nough said.

Scarf:  You never know when you might need shade from the sun {or rain!}

Sunscreen:  OMG have you smelled this stuff?  Amazing.

Maxi Dress:  Can be used as a swimsuit cover up or dress for dinner!