Quick {like a fox}

Just a quick post today as I'm swamped with work, Christmas shopping, packing, etc.  BUT I had great news to share!  Pretty much a Christmas miracle if you ask me.* Long story long... 

I was obsessed with a certain fox sweater {I think I might have mentioned it a few times..} but was too greedy to purchase it online without a 30% discount.  And since it was so adorable it quickly sold out before I got my hands on one.  Well, a friend of mine informed me last night that her store in MN had them in stock {like tons of them!}.  So being the weirdo that I am, I quickly ran to my local Old Navy to see if my store had them as well.  Lo and behold, they did.  I'd like to announce that I am now a proud mama of a baby fox.  And he's super cute and cuddly!

I think all of you need to run {not walk} to your local ON to get yourself one :)

Why yes, I am wearing it today if you wanted to know:
Old Navy Fox Sweater
Sweater - Old Navy (sheep available online) :: Gingham Shirt - Old Navy
*Obviously I realize this is nothing close to a Christmas miracle.  I know what matters in life and this sweater ultimately doesn't.  But it still made me happy :)