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Sweater Dress - TJ Maxx | Tights - TJ Maxx | Booties - H&M | Necklace - InPink

 Today is just one of those days...  Quick take pictures, hurry get Q to daycare, crap I'm late for work.  Everything is on rush mode.  All in the name of Christmas.  I feel like I am not able to completely enjoy the season with all of this craziness.  I'm sure I feel like this every year but I thought this year would be different since we will be on vacation during Christmas.  No packages to bring, no food to cook, just relaxing.  But of course it is always extra stressful leading up to the relaxing :)  

Are you all on rush mode too?  Or maybe next week it will hit ya... 

All I can say is bring on the sun and sand!



Anonymous said...

Hey love all of your out fits! You really inspire me and i have been following a lot of your gret trends:) My family and i went to Hawaii for a cruze there! Its was fun! Where are you guys going and what kind of out fits would you pack to keep it festive and enjoy the sun shine?