Highs from this week

High Five for Friday

5 Highs from this week:
1 // A fun handmade card from my talented best Steph :)
2 // Q and I went to the Children's Museum last weekend.  It was so.much.fun! There were so many fun things for him to do and see.  I can't wait to get a family membership so we can go more often!
3 // Q went to his first hockey game! Technically it's not his first game because we did go to a hockey game when he was an infant but he slept through it that time.  But anyway, he loved it! Stood by the glass the whole time. That is, until the players got close and then Q would get scared. Haha!
4 //  Q got his first haircut.  I sort of cut his bangs a little short {and crooked} when trimming his hair so we had to take him to his first professional cut to fix my mistake.  He did pretty well!  

As you can see this week was a great week!  But I will say, I am pretty excited that it is Friday.  We are heading to Minneapolis tonight to visit family and to watch my mom's show choir perform (she's a vocal music teacher :)).  I just might have to stop by some of my favorite stores while I'm in Mnpls.  I don't know... maybe H&M, Urban Outfitters, Anthropolgie, J.Crew, Macy's... I haven't thought about it or anything :)  Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!  Link up with Lauren with your Five Highs from this week! #H54F