Toddler Valentine Idea

 Unique Valentine Idea for Toddler Unique Valentine Idea for Toddler Unique Valentine Idea for Toddler

I couldn't decide what to do for Q's valentine this year.  It's really hard to find the perfect toddler valentine when everything valentine themed has candy and sugar!  He is still too little for candy hearts and suckers.  I mean, he doesn't even have all of his teeth yet!  So I decided to use teddy grahams for his valentine.  I thought I would share this DIY valentine idea for those of you with toddlers {or loved ones that love toddler snacks :)}.

-cellophane bags
-teddy grahams, goldfish, etc.

The dets:
-I used to create the wording and design for the bag topper.  It is an easy program that can do some of the same {but more userfriendly} tools photoshop offers except via the web {and it's free!}.  I pasted the jpeg I created in picmonkey into a word document.  I resized the picture so that it would print perfectly for the cellophane bags.  I did have to print a few times to get everything to line up correctly so that when you fold the cardstock in half it would fold over the cellophane bag perfectly.  I was able to get 4 bag toppers per cardstock page.  That was definitely the hardest part of the whole project.  Which still isn't too bad :)
-I printed my word document onto cardstock, cut out the toppers and then folded the piece in half.
-Fill the cellophane bags with teddy grahams.  I used an assortment of cinnamon, honey and chocolate chip :)
-Fold the top of the cellophane bag down until the fold sits just above the teddy grahams.  
-Place the bag topper over the top of the cellophane bag and staple into place.

You're done!  And your toddler {and their friends} will enjoy a healthy{er} snack in place of candy this year!

If you are looking for another toddler valentine idea, I used goldfish for Q's valentine last year.  Here are the printables for it too!

Unique Valentine Idea for Toddler