Bachelor Thoughts 4

I can't believe the finale is already next week... this season went by super fast!  Probably because there really wasn't as much drama as previous seasons.  Yeah, Tierra was all drama. But really, it was so fake and ridiculous that it kind of didn't live up to the expectations the previews led on to.  As is tradition.  That didn't keep me from watching or ranting about the episode :)

I am really excited that AshLee, Catherine and Lindsey are left.  For being a down to earth, southern guy I think he chose the best girls for him as the final three.  All three of the girls are really sweet and fun and there for the right reasons.  But, I have my favorites of course...

AshLee.  She is my favorite by far.  I think she is genuine and totally ready for a relationship.  Her family is very sweet and I think Sean fit in well.  BUT... I am concerned that Sean is looking for someone maybe a little more light-hearted.  And that is why I think he might pick Lindsey in the end.  And if he does, AshLee will be CRUSHED.  Like devastated.  She is so head over heels for him and I just hope she doesn't get her heart broken :(

Lindsey.  I like Lindsey.  But she kind of annoys me.  She seems very young and playful and I think Sean really likes that about her.  But I just think she almost seems too young.  Maybe it's her baby voice or the fact that she actually is young.  I do think Sean likes the playfulness and spontaneity that she has.  They seem to always have fun together but is it serious enough to last?  I guess that is the million dollar question.

Catherine.  Though I like Catherine, I think she is the next to go home.  I mean they couldn't have made it any more obvious since Sean was debating SO heavily on whether to send her or Des home.  I mean if Catherine were the one I don't think it would have been that hard or a decision.  I don't think their relationship is serious enough for Sean.  Though he likes to have fun, I think he has a serious side that Catherine doesn't fit well with.  

Des.  Woah. Was that really the fairytale family that she cried about on the beach the previous episode?  I mean come on how rude could a brother be?!  I couldn't believe he would say those things without even knowing Sean really.  And even if you don't agree with the show's intentions, have some respect for your sister.  She is a grown women... she chose to go on that show!  If I were Des I would have gotten PISSED at my brother.  Maybe I show my emotions a little bit more than her but why didn't she stand up for herself or their relationship?  I don't think I would have let that one slide...  I guess that shows a little bit of my character! lol yikes.

Sean Tells All.  That was not juicy enough for me.  He did not reveal any new information that we didn't already know.  I think Tierra wouldn't come on the show for the Women Tell All so they realized it wouldn't be dramatic enough so they decided to do a Sean Tells All.  Well it was boring.  Sorry, but Sean telling us that "Tierra shouldn't have ever come on the show" is not enough drama for me.  Already knew it. 

Anyway, now that I wrote a novel and spent more time than I should on this silly show, I will leave you with my predictions for the finale.  I think the top two will be Lindsey and AshLee.  And I think Sean will pick Lindsey in the end.  Also, I am not sure who wrote the note to him that they show in the previews. Maybe it is Catherine?  I mean they do have this note thing that they do.  Or I could see AshLee writing him a note as well.  We shall see!  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy The Bachelor Finale!!