Black and White

Black and White

I brought this trend up last week {and again} and though I am not sure how crazy unique this trend is, I still think black and white pieces are very classy and modern.  I have been having a hard time wearing this trend lately because in the Spring I love to wear bright colors and pastels.  But I think I do need to add to my black and white collection.  I mean, it never really goes out of style! At least I thought...  Anyway, in order to figure out what items I might want to purchase this month, I decided to put together a few black and white items that I could see myself wearing.  With neon and and pops of color of course :)  

And can I just say... that bag needs to be mine... it reminds me of the J.Crew Tartine Satchel that I've been lusting over {without the heavy pricetag!}. 

And I'm still kicking myself for not picking up this beauty from Target.  It might still be available in stores but I couldn't find it online.  All I could find was this phone pic!

 By the looks of this post, sounds like I am leaning towards a black and white bag!  When really that is the last thing I need after purchasing my first MK bag recently.  But if I'm being honest, I don't need any of this :)

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your day is everything but black and white!

P.s. Sorry if you all saw this post a little unfinished.  For some reason it posted a little early! Darn blogger...
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