What to Pack - Vegas Edition

What to Pack to Vegas
Packing - Vegas Edition
My Vegas Essentials:
Striped Blazer // Knit Maxi // White Blazer // Sunglasses // Satchel // Swim Suit // Coral Statement Necklace // Gold Studs // Gingham Shirt // Trench Coat // Striped Tee // Peter Pan Collar Tee // Polka Dot Tee // Statement Necklace // Floral & Stripe // Tee // Skinny Jeans // Polka Dot Chambray  Coral Studs // Sandals // Mint Clutch // Floral Scarf // Colored Jeans // Skirt Boots //

I'm off to Vegas! No it's not for sun or vacation unfortunately {even though I'm sure I will enjoy a little of both :)}.  I am heading to Vegas for the Catersource Convention.  It is a huge conference for food service, catering companies, chefs, restaurants, etc. and it is held at the Mirage in Vegas each year.  Side note: Did you know I worked for a Catering company?  Well, I am a Sales Coordinator for the University's catering company.  Maybe I should have added that to my '5 Things' the other day!
Anyways, Not only will I get some amazing inspiration for the weddings we cater but also for customizing menus and growing our business.  It's a really great opportunity!

But you know me, I never can figure out what to pack and I am the worst at over packing.  That is a complete understatement.  What has helped me get organized in the past is coming up with a virtual packing list that helps me stay organized and to not bring a ton of  extra stuff!  So I decided to share my "packing list" with you since it could be helpful with spring break coming up.  I don't own every single one of these items but it helps me get an idea of color schemes or styles that I am going to pack.  Hopefully it will help you guys as well!

Even though I will be gone this week, I have some posts lined up for you.  See you when I get back next week!