Workwear Remix Recap

How to remix work clothes
How to remix work clothes

I had so much fun doing the Workwear Remix Challenge in February!  I will be honest, it was REALLY hard!  And I cheated a few times {mostly on accident when I literally forgot what was on the list} but all in all I am proud of myself for actually completing this challenge in the first place.  I know one of the only reasons I stuck with it was because of all of your support on Instagram.  You guys seriously rock!

I know some of you don't understand the reason for these types of challenges but I really do feel like my closet is brand new again.  And that's worth something - what an awesome feeling going into spring!  I did, however, feel that this challenge stifled my creativity a bit since I only had a few items to work with but I can honestly say I wouldn't have put some of these combos together before.  And, well, now I have 20 more outfits to choose from in my closet!  #winning

All in all, I challenge you guys to think outside of the box when it comes to your closet.  Be creative and heck, put pink on pink on pink.  Everyone's doing it.  Or just me.  But that should be enough of a reason :)  
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