Wishlist Wednesday - All About Hats

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All I can think about lately are hats.  And for some reason as I'm typing I can't stop shouting
"hats, hats, hats, hats, hats!" *to the theme song of LMFAO's Shots, of course.  Don't know how that got in my head but I'm not mad about it.  It really is a catching tune! Honestly, that's really the only part of the song I know..

Now about the hats... I always become obsessed in the spring with floppy hats, panama hats or other spring head coverings {I didn't want to say hats again!}.  But this year I'm all about the baseball cap.  I LOVE the unique patterns and fabrics that are showing up all over the stores.

The floral Forever 21 hat is super cute! And perfect for summer.  The leather cap from Asos is so cool!  But I just feel like it would be perfect for fall.  Maybe an early fall equinox present! Everyone celebrates that right?  I bet we would if it involved leather cap presents!  I'm also loving the woven baseball hats that are available at Target.  What a great price for a new fun hat.

Are you guys as obsessed over hats like I am?  I know some people just don't think they look good in hats but I've always loved them.  What other fun hats have you seen around??? Please share!  I need as many as I can get my hands on!

Oh, and I need some advice!  My bestie and I are meeting in Chicago for the weekend and need advice on the best restaurants and sites to see downtown.  For all you Windy City Residents let us know what are musts for visiting downtown Chicago!  We appreciate any advice :)
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