Being real...

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I'm getting a little real with you guys today.  I've been really busy lately with things going on in life and and part of me questions the things I spend most of my time on.  I sometimes can't believe that I spend 45+ hours at work and only 7.5 hours with my family during the week. Or that I spend 15+ hours on this blog at night and on the weekends and yet nothing in my house is picked up or taken care of.  I constantly feel behind which then results in not being present in the things that matter.  And sometimes I wonder what it is all for?  Do I really write about fashion and shop online!?  Is that really what is important in life?  Of course not.  But that doesn't mean I can't embrace this part of me that loves to dress up or wear heels.  Or my inclination to wear insanely bright colors in the form of pants, shoes and purses.  

But I do think I have gotten away from what I started this journey and blog in the first place.  I don't want to just have the same trendy items as everyone else.  I don't want to buy tons of new clothes each month to the point that I have no room to put them.  I want to be me.  I need to find me.  This is that journey.  Finding my style and learning to use my closet to do so.  All I can hope is that it is inspiring to all of you that follow.  That you can find who you are and what your style is through this journey as well.  I love having this blog to document outfits that I love and little bits of life that just shouldn't go unnoticed.  Not to mention my need for showing all of my favorite online shopping cart items that if I can't get, then someone needs to get! 

I guess all of this is to just be real.  And to be honest with the fact that this is hard work.  And sometimes it seems trivial and meaningless but in the end it is something that I'm passionate about.  It's not meaningless to me, but it isn't priority either.  There is balance and I'm still finding that.  It's all about the journey. 

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