Patience for the win

Paisley Dress Paisley Dress Paisley Dress Paisley Dress 
jennifer lopez for kohl's tunic {similar} | flatform sandals {similar}
amazon sunglasses {written about here} michael kors tote | target earrings {similar}

Way back at the beginning of the summer I fell in love with this tunic.  I mean, once you create an entire outfit based on it you are bound to think about it for awhile, right?!  Unfortunately, it wasn't in my budget {especially for a cover-up style dress that I would wear like 2 times}.  But somehow I always end up being rewarded for making a good purchase decision or when I'm patient and don't give in to the dreaded impulse buy.  This is the case once again.  I found this dress at Kohl's in the clearance section and it caught my eye because of the bright colors and the silk material but also because it resembled that coveted cover up.  But unlike that over priced cover up, this is a dress that can be worn to work or on the weekends.  That's two of the three "how would I work this in my closet" scenarios right there!  Done and done.  Thank you Kohl's for 1. always supplying me with ample coupons and for 2. marking down pink paisley tunics. 
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