FFL - Clare Vivier Foldover Leopard Clutch

|| forever 21 | gap | mimic ||

I know the Clare Vivier Leopard Clutch has been seen all over the blogs lately and probably is over and done by now {as most trends get at some point}.  But if you still want to get in on this super cute clutch, I found some amazing options at every price point!  

I have the clutch from Forever 21 and it is great for a cheap, but still trendy, clutch.  I honestly don't use clutches much so I knew I didn't want to invest a lot of money in this trend.  Being a mom and having to lug around diapers and sippies and what not in my purse all the time, there just never seems to be a practical moment to stuff everything in a clutch.  So, finding this trend at a cheaper price point was awesome.  Though I will say that if that Gap clutch had come out before I bought the Forever 21 one, then it would have been mine. Granted, I could be tempted into that Gap clutch at the hint of a sale....  self control really is one of my strengths :)

Anyway, I hope ya'll had an amazing Labor Day!

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