FFL - J.Crew Pave Bracelet

I just had to share this amazing Find For Less for those of you that have been drooling over this gorgeous bracelet:

Isn't she gorg!?

 And even though it still is available on the J.Crew website, I wasn't sure I wanted to dish out $125 for it.  
{Actually let me rephrase, the hubs wasn't sure we should dish out 125 bones for what he saw as an over indulgent bracelet.  I was sure it was worth it but I guess my persuasion skills are lacking these days}


as it turns out there are a few really nice look-alikes out there.  Here are a few of my favs:

This one from Ily Couture {at almost 1/2 the price!}

 Or this one for those that don't want as much bling:

Even this one:

I think I will have to go for the Ily Couture one that is almost identical!  Looks like it's on sale for a couple more days now so go get your coveted pave bracelet asap!


Fall Favs - Jewels

I know this trend might not be the thing that is catching everyone's eye these days but I am obsessed with jewel tones {& jewels themselves}!

I love everything about the skirt below and the glitter-collared blouse! 

How are you sporting the new jewel tones for fall!?


Fall Favs - Military

Have you noticed the military trend that seems to be taking over all of the stores these days?!  I have fallen on that bandwagon that's for sure :)

The coat below is one of my new favorite purchases*.  I can't wait for fall just to be able to put that baby on!

What do you all think of the military style boot?  
I'm still not sure if that style of boot fits into my closet...

*they have the same coat at j.crew factory for almost half the price!


Fall Favs - Peplum

Like I have mentioned before, I'm kind of a girly girl that loves to wear ruffles and frills.  The peplum trend is the perfect way to add a little bit of flare without going over the top.  I love that the peplum ruffle spices up a standard jersey or cotton tee into an appropriate piece for work or an evening out!

Where are you finding great peplum items?


Fall Favs - Menswear

Menswear inspired looks have been in for many seasons now but that doesn't keep me from loving the new styles available this fall!

First, I love the look of boyfriend jeans.  Who wouldn't want to wear slouchy, comfy jeans that make you look laid back and sexy at the same time!?

Second, I  recently bought a pair of oxfords and am super excited to wear them!  But right now I'm trying to wear all of my summer shoes while I can.
Keep an eye out for oxfords in future posts :)

Will you continue to sport the menswear trend?  

pssst! gap seriously has the.best. boyfriend jeans ever


Fall Favs - Leather

Here is the first of my favorite fall trends that I can't get enough of!  


I have been loving the look of leather for fall.  I am more of a girly girl type but can't help wanting to add in leather pieces to a flowy top or with sequins. 

I just bought a pair of liquid leggings and think they will be so cute with a loose tee for the weekend or dress them up with a pair of heels.

Has anyone else out there been searching for a leather (or faux) jacket that fits like a glove?!  If you're petite like me, it's so hard to find out that fits just right.  I am still on the look out but in the mean time I can't help drool over all of the fun detailing and options there are to add a little leather to any outfit.

Here are a few retailers that can help you add this trend to your closet:
Leather Jackets at Zara are amazing!  They have the perfect touch of rebellion mixed with a classic fit.

Forever 21
This is the prefect place to try out a trend.  Especially if you aren't sure you want to dish out the big bux!  Make sure the leather doesn't look too plasticy* though!

 There is a lot of variety at ASOS.  Whether you are looking for a cheap option or more quality always check out ASOS!

Anyone else loving leather for this fall? 
 {Or maybe you always have!}

*Yes, that is a word


Coming Soon

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sorry I have been slacking on the posts this week {guilty}

I wanted to let you know that I am going to be showcasing 5 of my favorite trends each weekday next week!

  So check back in on Monday for the first of the series!


Pattern Mixing

 I love that pattern mixing is so on trend right now!  It creates more options 
for wearing different prints in your closet.  

I love the look of floral and stripes together.  

Or Stripes and polka dots! 
{yes, you will probably be seeing that combo soon :)}

Pssst! I'm still working on the best way to take outfit photos...  Bare with me!



Here is what the iPhone saw this weekend...

Iowa State Fair Pictures

Iowa State Fair Pictures

Iowa State Fair Pictures


Fair Bound

We are headed to the state fair today!  

Every year we go to try out the next new deep fried food item.  Not really but it is still tradition to see the butter cow and all things fair related.

Below are some items that I put together for a comfy yet stylish look for a long day outside petting farm animals :)

Fair Bound

{necklace} {bracelet} {sandals} {shirt} {shorts} {hat} {bag}


Pop O' Color

I seriously LOVE orange in the summer! {Or year round....} And paired with teal it makes for such a fun color combo! 

pssst!  it's never too warm to wear a scarf :)

Monday Blues

Is anyone else having a bad case of the Mondays?  

This weekend was just perfect with the cooler weather and the absence of plans.  I didn't want it to end!  But alas, I have to pay for my shopping addiction somehow.  So, I find myself back at work once again.

Here are some pics of my weekend wear:

                                                                  Similar Items: {top} {shorts} {shoes}

Weekend adorableness must be revealed:

Happy Monday Everyone!

Fun Mani

Just a quick pic of a fun mani that I was able to keep nice for less than a day. 


At home manicures were definitely not made for mothers...


I received my new bracelet from JewelIQ in the mail and was so impressed with the quality and look!  And how nice is the packaging and personalized letter!?  

I will definitely be ordering more from JewelIQ in the future!

***It's kind of hard to take detail shots of a bracelet on your wrist with a tripod.  So, you will see this bracelet on in upcoming posts!