FFL - J.Crew Pave Bracelet

I just had to share this amazing Find For Less for those of you that have been drooling over this gorgeous bracelet:

Isn't she gorg!?

 And even though it still is available on the J.Crew website, I wasn't sure I wanted to dish out $125 for it.  
{Actually let me rephrase, the hubs wasn't sure we should dish out 125 bones for what he saw as an over indulgent bracelet.  I was sure it was worth it but I guess my persuasion skills are lacking these days}


as it turns out there are a few really nice look-alikes out there.  Here are a few of my favs:

This one from Ily Couture {at almost 1/2 the price!}

 Or this one for those that don't want as much bling:

Even this one:

I think I will have to go for the Ily Couture one that is almost identical!  Looks like it's on sale for a couple more days now so go get your coveted pave bracelet asap!