What to Pack: Iowa

  My southern belle bestie is coming to visit me all the way from Dallas this weekend!  We haven't seen each other in almost a year so we have a lot of catching up to do!  Since she is not used to the Iowa weather anymore, she asked me to do a post on what she should pack for her trip.  Since we don't have any major plans besides drinking wine, telling fun stories and braiding each other's hair {kidding! okay, sort of...}, I added a lot of cozy and comfortable pieces that would transition well to an evening out.  Hopefully this packing list will also be useful for those of you traveling this time of year. 

1. A cozy bright turtleneck will be great for under a vest!
2. Love this herringbone vest.  Perfect for a fall day.
3.  These black pants pair well with anything.  Go for a casual look with black riding boots or a night out with the oxblood booties.
4. Chambray shirt.  Need I say more? Can go with everything on the list...
5. Cat-Eye Sunglasses are a must.
6. These suede oxblood booties are super cute and would be great for a night of cocktails!
7.  Skinny jeans.
8. Boyfriend jeans My weekend uniform.
9. Gold Earrings. Super cute with a little edge.
10. Gold Necklace.  
11.  Black Bag.  Big enough to hold everything you need!
12. Leopard Scarf
13. Black riding boots.  Of course brown ones would work too!
14. Sweater cape.  It can get pretty windy here so throw this on over your outfit.
16. Polka Dot Sweater. Can't get enough of polka dots!
17. Leather jacket.  Perfect for the Midwest this time of year.
18. Wool fedora.  I love this hat and will probably be my new 'panama hat' for fall :)