BF Recap

So, I ended up going to a few stores today to check out the deals that Black Friday has to offer.  I think they should call this day Impulse Friday because I have never bought so many things that I just.don't.need.  It's as if we all of a sudden NEED a pair of night vision goggles because they are only $50 for the next 5 hours!

But among the display bins of old DVDs there are also really great gift ideas and even better discounts.  Below are some items that I bought for myself as well as some gifts.  

I'm most excited for a new camera {merry Christmas family!}. I got a great deal on the Canon Rebel T3i and am SO excited to use it.  Anyone else have this camera? If you have any tips on how to use it {or lenses to buy}... send them my way ;)  

Have a great weekend and happy Impulse Friday! 
{I really think it's going to catch on}