TWTW Maxi Skirts

Two of my favorite things.

Maxi Skirts & Stripes.
{already feeling guilty I didn't say my husband & only child}

Stripes have been an obsession of mine for quite some time now.  I love all different colors, styles and widths of stripes.  Mix that in with my love for maxi skirts and I have a summer staple!

 In case you have been lying awake at night dying to know what to pair with the stripes in your closet, here are three ways you can wear a striped maxi skirt!

Similar Options: {chambray} {belt} {maxi skirt} {sandals} {bracelets}

Similar Options: {top} {maxi skirt} {shoes} {bracelet} {earrings}

Similar Options: {tank} {maxi skirt} {sandals} {hat} {lipstick} {awkward pose :)}