Too Soon?

Is it too soon to be swooning over this year's fall collections?! 

 I have already scoped out my favorites from J.Crew's fall line.  Here are some of my fall must haves.

TWTW Leopard Print

It's been one of those weeks where I feel I can't get everything done.  Things are starting to pile up!  As if I'm not sweating enough because of the heat now I am fretting about my to-do lists getting done.  My son may have gone without dinner last night to get these pics taken.* All about priorities.

Here's Three Ways To Wear (TWTW) Leopard Print:

 Similar Items: {shirt} {necklace} {skirt} {shoes}

Similar Items: {shirt} {belt} {pants} {shoes}

At least I won't be worrying about what to pair with my leopard shirt.  I can always revert back to this post :)

*Just kidding! My son did indeed eat dinner last night. No need to call social services.

Love for Chevron

Everyone that knows me at all knows that I loooove chevron.  
{...even more than my confessed love for polka dots & stripes}

If I could design my whole house in chevron I probably would!   I love the modern feel that it gives while also being neutral enough for accents of  color.  Here are some chevron items I have been dying for.

 {dress} {crib skirt} {rug} {chair} {bracelet} {iphone case}


Breakfast on a Sunday morning with this sweet face... doesn't get much better than this.


This is the first post {of many more} about desperately wanted items that I was able to Find For Less

I read a lot of fashion blogs and many of the bloggers have an amazing jewelry collection.  I am envious of their arm candy the most.  

 Every day I try to layer my bracelets to create the perfect mix of fun pieces.  But there is one bracelet that I have been wanting to add to my collection that I feel would add a hint of rebellion.  Something to spice up my ordinary office day job. 

Enter the Renegade Cluster Bracelet by Stella & Dot:

While I'm not above paying $59 for a bracelet that I adore, I wanted to wait and see if a cheaper version would surface. 

Just recently I was informed about JewelIQ.  A great website to find nice quality jewelry for a great price!  As I was searching the site, I saw this beauty: The Dazzle Bracelet.

Um yes please!  I will most definitely take the {almost} identical bracelet for 1/3 of the price!

I was so happy to find this and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail.  You will be seeing more of my new BFF 'Dazzle' in upcoming posts!  
That is a guarantee.

TWTW Maxi Skirts

Two of my favorite things.

Maxi Skirts & Stripes.
{already feeling guilty I didn't say my husband & only child}

Stripes have been an obsession of mine for quite some time now.  I love all different colors, styles and widths of stripes.  Mix that in with my love for maxi skirts and I have a summer staple!

 In case you have been lying awake at night dying to know what to pair with the stripes in your closet, here are three ways you can wear a striped maxi skirt!

Similar Options: {chambray} {belt} {maxi skirt} {sandals} {bracelets}

Similar Options: {top} {maxi skirt} {shoes} {bracelet} {earrings}

Similar Options: {tank} {maxi skirt} {sandals} {hat} {lipstick} {awkward pose :)}

Polka Dots

I have always loved anything black & white.  So this girl couldn't be more excited with the polka dot trend.  Here are some of the items I'm loving lately.

                          {blazer} {dress} {capris} {skirt} {bag} {loafers} {ballet flats} {boat shoes}

Diving In

Okay. Here it goes. I'm diving into the blogging world with the rest of you.  Thanks for reading & wish me luck!