High Five

Target Dog Sweater Target Dog Sweater Target Dog Sweater Target Dog Sweater Target Dog Sweater
                                                            {< ------- oh hey hubby, thanks for takin' my pics :)}
The Dets:  Sweater: Target - sold out online (cute option
Ponte Pants: Target | Boots: Dav via Zulilly
I know I've talked about the cute animal sweaters that have been so popular lately but I had yet to find one that I absolutely loved {except for the fox sweater from ON that I missed out on. indecisive much? grrr}.  But fortunately I happened upon this sweater at Target during my Black Friday haul.  My inner five year old self loves the puppy and bright colors.  Oh, I am SO ready for kindergarten...

Can I get a high five for feeling five?!

Oh and because I'm feeling young at heart...

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Julia said...

Wiww wandering.... I stumbled across this sweater too and snagged it quick! I am actually wearing it today :) love it! I want that foxy sweater from ON too, but as popular as it is its probably sold out!